"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit."
- Aristotle

Miami, FL







Diverse, multi-talented, hard-working, creative, and leader with varied background in management, technology, education, biomedical research, social research, student affairs, student ministry, and event and program planning. 

Excellent verbal and written communication skills, developed through experience in higher education,community organizing, customer service, crisis control, and management. Experience in delivering presentations to large groups at conferences, symposiums, and meetings. Significant involvement supporting, leading, and being a part of team that produces results.

Proficient computer literacy proven through work experience with website development, SEO management, social media coordination, multiple learning management systems, Microsoft Office, Adobe creative Suite, Salesforce, and various human resource management platforms.


Education and Titles



Community Outreach Coordinator
Digital Media and Marketing Designer

Digital Media and Marketing Designer and Consultant



Lead Instructional Designer
Honors College Online Experience Consultant
Honors College Faculty Fellow

Digital Media and Marketing Designer and Consultant



Florida International University
Senior Instructional Designer
Masters in Business Administration

University of Michigan Institute of Social Research
Field Researcher


Miami Vineyard Community Church
Youth Director


Millenial Workbench

FIU Online
Lead Instructional Designer

1/2014 - Present








Work collaboratively with multiple administrators and subject matter experts to effectively construct processes that increase faculty collaboration, student success, pedagogical innovation, and process efficiency. Construct best practice templates to create a library of targeted interactivity, tools, and content that significantly helped reduce design time and increase value. Hold monthly meetings to review, motivate, and train staff. Create and manage a departmental skunkworks team to develop innovative tools to decrease redundancies and increase creativity and higher order activity. Match technical talent with resources to enable team to best create award-winning content. Established coherent procedures to implement a training process by marrying various approaches independent of a platform to eliminate a former training process that was constantly outdated and irrelevant. Successfully developed and delivered solutions to educate staff, reduce inefficiencies, promote communication, and create innovative and award-winning products. Present at conferences nationally and locally on topics spanning innovation, learning strategies, and departmental research. 

IAMagine Digital Media Consulting
Co-founder / Marketing Manager

8/2014 - present


Business Professional






Organizes meetings with businesses to discuss current advertising opportunities with the use of digital media. Collaborate with businesses to devise a plan of action to promote business, events, and current promotions. Provide excellent customer service by interacting with posts from fans and /or customers with engaging and informative responses. Implements the correct strategy for businesses to help accomplish goals. Full-time access as professional social media manager working on businesses’ digital media channels. Conducts weekly calls to go over strategy and execution for different digital media marketing campaigns. Post industry related content that provide highly targeted ads to generate more quality leads, resulting in more conversions for your company. Works closely with all product development departments to create and maintain marketing materials for sales. Manages budget for multiple accounts for marketing posts via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and website management. Increased quarterly sales by 35% with effective advertising techniques over the last year. Collaborated with sponsors to trade product and construct marketing partnerships.

Maikel reading to elementary school children

FIU Honors College
Adjunct faculty/Online Professor

08/2012 – Present







Develop lesson plans that utilize the latest educational technology and explore relevant content. Collaborate with various departments to deliver course assignments that promote social action and responsibility with a global focus. Review course feedback and student reviews to refine and improve subject delivery. Organize and deliver lectures and content effectively in both online and face-to-face modalities. Host office hours, course discussions, and student’s feedback in synchronous and asynchronous online meeting spaces. Regularly engage with students developing a supportive and challenging learning community.

FIU Online
Senior Instructional Designer

01/2014 - 8/2014







Develop effective and engaging online and hybrid courses in over 30 different graduate and undergraduate programs. Utilize and deploy the latest pedagogical and andragogic techniques in order to best evaluate student retention, student engagement, and lesson mastery. Leveraged and heavily used Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Captivate, Audition, and Camtasia for projects. Improve, implement, and design effective technologies and strategies to optimize course construction, maintenance, and delivery. Ensure newly developed courses meet the academic unit's accreditation requirements and the Quality Assurance standards. Utilize technological expertise, communication skills, and relatability to create uniquely innovative and award-winning courses. Worked collaboratively with multiple subject matter experts (SMEs) to effectively translate highly complex concepts into user-friendly and relatable learning content.